Amazing service and very efficient. Such a hassle free way of booking the inspection and we got our report on time.

Definitely cheaper than a lot of companies out there. Thank you Lana for your prompt responses and making this whole process easy.
Thank you so much!!! You have been such a wonderful help (honestly didn’t think I’d find anyone who would do it at such short notice).


Having a pre-purchase building inspection carried out by a professional and followed up with a thorough and detailed Building Report gives you, and your financial institution, the confidence you are about to do the right thing.

By choosing “Exact Building Inspections” you have all the following boxes ticked:

  • Combined 35 Years of Building Experience
  • Licensed Building Practitioner
  • Sensible easy to understand building reports based on the age of the house
  • Invasive and non-invasive moisture testing
  • We service ALL areas of Auckland – Waikato

With years of experience in the building trade “Exact Building Inspections” has the ability to inspect a property for peace of mind. If you just want to check out your own valuable home or investment we will use a protimeter to determine any moisture issues.

When buying the home of your dreams or an investment property it is important to know the condition of your prospective home as unknown or unseen problems can soon consume a substantial part of your equity, your time and your mind.

Exact Building  Inspectors complete the Inspection and provide you with a detailed Building Report,  he is also available to discuss any issues or concerns you may have from his findings.  The complete assessment of your prospective home’s condition allows you to make an informed buying decision. Auckland Building Inspections cover the wider Auckland area.

Building Inspections Auckland only offers top customer service and reliability.




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